Sunday, 25 March 2012

I'm off...

I'm flying off to Australia in the morning. By coincidence my youngest son William is also going in the same direction, and he suggested we meet up in Bangkok. Unfortunately we shall miss each other by about 12 hours.

William's off to Bali for a while, whilst waiting for his Aussie residence papers to come through; he's probably going to settle in Melbourne. His successful internet business is based in Australia.

So, if anyone should find a scruffy, beret wearing, paint covered, Cro wandering around looking lost, would you please point him in the direction of home. I shall be worrying about him.

Wednesday, 7 March 2012


I mentioned recently that I'm off to Australia, quite soon, for about 6 weeks. It'll be Autumn when I arrive in Queensland, so choosing, and packing, clothes is a nightmare.

En route I shall be visiting London, Bangkok, and Dubai, giving me just about every weather combination imaginable. So do I take a raincoat, a heavy sweater, and thermal undies? Or do I just make do with T shirts and swim-wear? An umbrella might be handy, as well as gumboots!

I shall also be taking a few gifts for my daughter and the boys. Paté, toys, books; all have to go in as well.

With an allowance of just 20 kgs (because I'm using various different airlines) my packing needs to be very well honed.

As Cro keeps reminding me.... 'When travelling, take half the amount of clothes you think you'll need, and twice the amount of money!' I think I may have to heed his advice this time.