Monday, 18 October 2010

Cottage life.

I love this time of year. To me there's nothing to compare with sitting around the fire on a cold evening, stretching my legs out on the sofa, and either reading a good book or watching a favourite film on TV. I took the above photo yesterday mid-To Kill a Mockingbird. What a way to spend a cool sunday afternoon.

Lord M installed this Godin wood-burning stove a couple of years back. At first I was a little upset to have lost our old smokey, spark-spitting fire, but the advantages of the new stove are now obvious. It can be easily revived in the morning, easily left burning whilst we are out, and gives off a fabulous heat when required. Winters can be very cold here in southern France, so reliable heating, double glazing, and good insulation are essential. A cottage can still look like an ancient cottage, but the advantages of modern technology need to be embraced.
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Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Beast of Burden.

I had an interesting family life, I went to a good school, I studied Fine Art at college, and then I met Lord Magnon.

Now I'm a dogsbody; painting evil smelling wood-preservative onto splinter-filled planks, and creeping about amongst rafters poking itchy insulating material into dark corners.

Where did it all go wrong?
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