Sunday, 26 February 2012


This is George; our DeVille wood-fired cooker. He may not be an Aga, but for France he's the next best thing.

He's only used in the winter months when he cooks roasts, stews, and, if Cro is feeling creative; bread.

Unfortunately the thermostat is 'estimative', the temperature control system almost non-existant, and the capacity for burning; excellent.

Anyway, he heats the kitchen and our bedroom above wonderfully. I don't expect we'll be lighting-up much more now. Spring seems to be on the way, and George can easily overheat the house.

Just for information; our sitting room Godin stove is called Gilbert.

Thursday, 23 February 2012

More travels.

I'm off to Australia again soon to visit my daughter, son in law, and two grandsons. Since I was last there, they've built, and moved into, a new house; so lots to see.

The downside of travel is leaving 'you-know-who' in charge of everything back home. Cro and Disaster seem to go hand in hand.

The last time I was away Monty (our Lab') nearly died. Cro lives in a dream world (what he dreams of, I hate to think) and he doesn't seem capable of anticipating danger. He's one of those who when asked to put the butter in the fridge and the pie in the oven, will put the butter in the oven and the pie in the fridge (recognise that?).

We also have 3 hens, Freddie the cat, and new boy Bok; all of whom have specific needs. I can see that I'm going to have to write a very long list, even though I'm certain he'll ignore it.  

And then there's the building work. I'll probably be leaving just as the builders arrive to start work on our new barn. What I'll come home to... goodness knows.

Thank heaven for Skype. I shall take my iPad with me, and give him instructions via the web.

Wish me luck.