Sunday, 26 February 2012


This is George; our DeVille wood-fired cooker. He may not be an Aga, but for France he's the next best thing.

He's only used in the winter months when he cooks roasts, stews, and, if Cro is feeling creative; bread.

Unfortunately the thermostat is 'estimative', the temperature control system almost non-existant, and the capacity for burning; excellent.

Anyway, he heats the kitchen and our bedroom above wonderfully. I don't expect we'll be lighting-up much more now. Spring seems to be on the way, and George can easily overheat the house.

Just for information; our sitting room Godin stove is called Gilbert.


  1. And I thought my daughter was nuts calling her surf board Watson...

    1. It's all to do with time and motion, Sue. If I shout 'More logs for George, please', it's so much quicker than 'More logs for the kitchen stove, please'. Well, a fraction of a second quicker anyway.

  2. We used to name our cars....haven't the last two, hmmm. I would love to have a stove like George!

  3. How fantastic is that.A great name for your cooker,we seem not to have these in town homes but country people always do,I have no idea why except to say just looking at them makes you feel cosy,we have just taken out our woodheater and I know when winter comes we will miss ours terribly,the electric and gas just won't be the same.

  4. I like the looks of George. He seems most reliable