Monday, 18 October 2010

Cottage life.

I love this time of year. To me there's nothing to compare with sitting around the fire on a cold evening, stretching my legs out on the sofa, and either reading a good book or watching a favourite film on TV. I took the above photo yesterday mid-To Kill a Mockingbird. What a way to spend a cool sunday afternoon.

Lord M installed this Godin wood-burning stove a couple of years back. At first I was a little upset to have lost our old smokey, spark-spitting fire, but the advantages of the new stove are now obvious. It can be easily revived in the morning, easily left burning whilst we are out, and gives off a fabulous heat when required. Winters can be very cold here in southern France, so reliable heating, double glazing, and good insulation are essential. A cottage can still look like an ancient cottage, but the advantages of modern technology need to be embraced.
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  1. Aren't they wonderful. I once went to a cottage for a girls weekend and the stove was broken. We placed our pot of chicken stew we had bought with us and heated it on the stove and cooked the dumplings. It was lovely.

    Do you have other heating or does this heat the entire house?

  2. oh yes so cozy! There are advantages to the winter months!

  3. Hello Raz. Yes we do have other forms of heating. Oil stoves, Oil filled electric stoves, and even Lord M for those cold winter nights. We also have a wonderful wood-fired kitchen cooker which heats about half the house.