Saturday, 4 December 2010

Back in Blighty.

Brighton Pavilion in the snow.

I'm back in England for the second time in a month, having left Lord Magnon home alone in France.

He's given me a huge shopping list that includes Haggis, Green ginger wine, and Horseradish sauce. All things he says he can't live without.

Brighton is beautiful in the snow, but with all the hills and inclines it's also rather dangerous. I've already seen several people on their backs.

So, I'm off Christmas shopping until mid-month. If you see a very thin Lord M begging on a street corner, do give him a mince pie and a kind word. And tell him I'll be back soon.


  1. And don't forget the Marmite!!

  2. If you find yourself in the Bath area, pop in and say hello, Lady M. (also, I can recommend 'Epicure' grated, hot horseradish to take back - you simply make your own with it - and a bit of cream, mustard and sugar, so it goes a lot further, and tastes much nicer.)

  3. Hello Tom. Actually we do grow our own horseradish with which I make a delicious sauce. It's just that Lord M likes to have several ready-made jars at hand! Lazy bar-steward.

  4. Keep safe in all the ice and snow around. We have a liking of Green Ginger wine too!

  5. Now come on, some of those things are clearly perfectly sensible (and we grow horseradish too, can't get rid of the stuff) but haggis now? That's just silly! You live in France and haggis is edible but boring, in my limited experience!

  6. There is a cafe called "Ya Ya" just off the Pavillion that makes the best fresh raspberry mojitos. Indulge.