Thursday, 6 January 2011

Home again.

I've had a pretty traumatic Christmas. I was caught up in Gatwick's snow-bound flight delays for 10 days, and instead of returning to France on Dec' 18th, I didn't get back until the 28th. This meant that Lord Magnon spent Christmas by himself in France (I didn't hear him complain), and I, unexpectedly, spent it with both family and friends back in England.

Anyway, all is now back to normal, and I'm just so happy to look out on this beautiful landscape once again. When I'm not here I miss it so much.

2010 ended with my oldest son having just started a new job in North London, my daughter surrounded by flood water in Queensland, and my youngest son having recently passed some important exams.

I may be a little late with my wishes, but let's hope that 2011 proves to be angst-free, creative, and full of pleasant surprises.
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  1. So pleased to hear you finally got back safely. I'm sure Cro missed you. Hope your daughter is OK in Oz. It's hard when your loved ones are so far away. Happy New Year!

  2. Hello Lady M. Now you can get on with finishing the tower!