Thursday, 6 January 2011

That's it for another year!

I've enjoyed a few Christmassy days since my return. No fairy topped tree; Cro couldn't be bothered with just him and the cat. But he did decorate the cottage quite nicely, and we did do the whole Turkey/Christmas Pud'/Champagne thing for the New Year.

The decorations are now all packed away, and calm has returned. Rain has replaced snow, and we have almost started thinking of Spring. Daytime fires are still de rigeur, and at nights we continue to cook on 'George'; our wood fired kitchen stove... For the moment we no longer need to scrape morning frost from the car's windscreen; I just hope that continues.

Our next big job is to finish the interior/exterior work on the tower, after which I can amuse myself with the inside furnishings. Cro wants 'primitive'; I want 'chic'. No doubt we will have to compromise on some form of 'primitive chic'. The best bit will be looking for small pieces of rustic antique furniture. As we're 'starting from scratch', the canvas is as yet bare.


  1. So glad you had a good (even if it was a bit belated) Christmas. Cro made your home very cozy and Christmassy.I love the portraits above the mantel shelf. Great to say good bye to the snow and think about Spring, although our forecast has promised us more snow here at the weekend.

  2. Primitive chic sounds good.