Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Guinness Cake.

It's been cold, wet, and miserable recently, and Lord Magnon's been kept busy keeping the home fires burning. Both our sitting room wood-fired-burner, and the kitchen wood-fired-stove, have been going non-stop for weeks.

Not only does this mean that I have a lovely warm house, it also offers the opportunity to make slow cooked casseroles, and attempt to do some baking.

Cro loves fruit cake. So, as it seems to turn out OK every time, I always follow the same recipe; the old faithful 'Guinness Cake'. Maybe mine wouldn't win first prize at a WI cake making competition, but nothing ever goes to waste. My only waver from the original recipe is that Lord 'high-n-mighty' Magnon INSISTS that I take out all the green bits (angelica) from the mixed peel. Anything for a quiet life!
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  1. That's all very well, but I did find a green bit in one of your Mince Pies this year. YUK!

  2. I forgot to mention that I do add some Armagnac to the bottom of the cake over a period of several days before eating!

  3. Fruit cake is the ONLY cake my OH will eat. I make a version of whisky Dundee cake. Without the green bits. And the orange bits. Nice with a piece of cheese.

  4. I'm still haunted by the nasty fruitcake my mother made from the 1950s, dried out like a loofa in foil at the back of the fridge.

    Yours looks and sounds delicious.

    Pick out the green bits?!!@*##

  5. Having now tasted the monster, I can declare that it's excellent.... maybe a tad sweet, but excellent!

    And so far, no green bits!