Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Hello again...

A woman's work is never done! Not that I'm the world's busiest woman, but blogging has been on the back-burner for quite a while.

Monty, our 9 month old Lab, has demanded most of my recent attention. He's an adolescent, and needs a lot of walks, TLC, and surveillance. Now that's he's had the snip, I'm hoping he'll calm down and not wander off so much.

Then we've had the new kitchen to contend with. Planning, finding the right man for the job, choosing colours, choosing appliances; it's surprising how much effort has gone into something so simple.

Then all the brouhaha surrounding the purchase of the tobacco drying barn behind the house. It turned out to be much more complicated than we could have imagined with a tenant on the land who surprised us by  suddenly claiming the right to continue his tenancy. With the help of a lawyer we came to a mutual agreement, and he will now stay on until the end of the year. We're also busy drawing up plans for the conversion of the barn into a big loft-style apartment.

And of course the most time consuming task of all; trying to keep Cro out of trouble. 

I'd really like to just sit outside for an hour or two in the sunshine, read some trashy novel, and watch the cows go by. But I'm off to Blighty this afternoon, so I must leave for the airport. I have a eye appointment, some baby-sitting, and catching-up with friends to do. Cro will have to hold the fort in my absence (I sense danger!).


  1. Have a great time in Blighty especially with your grandsons. I find it amazing that the last time I met your sons they were 9 and 16 and now you have grandsons at school. How time flies.

  2. Oh to read a trashy novel and watch the cows go by... my dream as well. Good luck with all you have to do!

  3. So lovely to see a post from you,life seems to roll on each day much too fast for us girls leisure time seems to be last on the list..I imagine the Barn will be worth waiting for ,all good things in life are,enjoy a wonderful time with the boys,and enjoy your time away a "little break".