Wednesday, 2 February 2011

And they call it puppy love....

We do seem to be surrounded by dogs at the moment. We're looking after one (Oscar), for a friend, and as a result another half dozen turn up regularly for 'walkies'.

However, we still don't have a dog of our own. 40 years ago (when we first moved to France) Lord Magnon had a scruffy black and tan Mutt named Hamlet, and when he died he was simply never replaced. But I've recently seen some Lab' pups, and I've reserved one.

I'm not sure if ours is one of the pair above, but that's the mother and she has 6 puppies in all. I think it'll probably be a question of selecting one on the day, when we turn up to collect; they all look the same anyway. The one on the left would do just fine!

Less than 2 weeks to go; then chaos!


  1. I hope you've bought a mop and bucket.

  2. Oh thanks, Lady M - now I've got Donny Osmond going through my head all day.

  3. Better than 'How much is that doggy, etc'. Woops, hope that one doesn't linger.

    And they call it....

  4. Aww. This brings back sweet memories. We had two big yellow labs just like this, Beau and Ralphy. Seems strange now to live in a dogless house.

  5. Just heard about the adoption! Congratulations...Monty's a winner!