Monday, 28 February 2011

Kate and Sidney Pud'.

Lord Magnon is the cook of the family, and as he's pretty good at it I just let him get on with things. But there are certain recipes that he'll never attempt; amongst these is anything that involves PASTRY.

Yesterday (Sunday) I had a sudden desire for either a Kate and Sidney pie, or pudding. I put it to the vote, and we both plumped for pudding. I used a Guinness and wine mix for the liquid, and added some mushrooms; otherwise a standard recipe.

About 10 minutes after I took the 'finished' picture, there wasn't a lot left... It was delicious. I wonder when we'll eat another one?
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  1. I enjoy making and eating steak and kidney pudding, five hours in the steamer. I get the meat from the butcher at the Farm Market down the road. It's straight from his animals without any processing.

  2. That looks delicious Lady M. Must be something our mother never taught us (or we never picked up) as I have never made a steak and kidney pud either. I very rarely attempt pastry of any sort.

    Could you send one over by fast post please.

  3. Cro, I can't make pastry worth a darn either..but..I have discovered tenderflake deep dish pre made pastry and really, I can't tell the difference between them and homemade. Without them I could never make my world famous pork pie. Find them in the frozen food aisle.

  4. Even the buying of pastry I leave to Lady M... but I'll make sure she heeds your advice.

    Heeded Lady M?

  5. Greetings Lady Magnon At Large

    Won't you please post the recipe for this pudding?

    A visitor from afar

  6. Hi Lady M..this is the only 2nd time ever I have heard of this pud, my friends very aged mother makes one for his birthday each year, it is not anything I had ever heard of, we have been there for this a couple of times over the years and she does hers in a cloth just like a Christmas pud,I have to say hers feels a bit like a brick in the tummy lol could we have the recipe it looks like a great winter dish for us over it a typical English or French pud..Carole

  7. Hello Carole. This is VERY English. I won't give you the recipe here, I think it's much safer to look up a more 'genuine' one on Google. The pastry can be very heavy, but most reasonably experienced cooks will manage something light. It's a lovely winter dish... but not to be eaten too often. I'm sure you know its proper name; Steak and Kidney Pudding.