Saturday, 19 February 2011

The fan club.

When Lord Magnon first got his dog, Hamlet, people told us that it was the very best way to meet people; and they were right. The young, the old, and every age in between, would stop, bend down to stroke him, and instantly start a conversation. Without the pup with us, they would simply have walked on by.

The same is already happening with Monty, and I think the three children above are about to start his official fan club; they visit every afternoon.

Actually, they've only just got their own puppy; a mostly black Border Collie. But for some reason they've decided that they prefer to play with Monty; I'm sure they'll change their minds before too long, their little dog is a sweetie too. I'd hate to think that they'd redirect their affections.


  1. I can confirm the above. We went to market this morning, with pup in tow. We could hardly move for admirers, advisors, and excited children. Breaks the ice at parties!

  2. Has Monty got his own Facebook page yet?