Wednesday, 7 April 2010

The New Strawberry Patch.


Yesterday I split all our pot-bound strawberry plants and planted them out in rows at Haddock's.

When they were in pots we used to just pick, and eat them, as we passed by, but I now want to produce enough to have a proper meal, or for the grandchildren to pick them into baskets.

Everyone loves strawberries (?), and we have two varieties. One is big and average in flavour, the other smaller but delicious. I've mixed the two varieties together. It just remains to see if my new strawberry patch will be more successful than just having them in pots. It certainly looks good.
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  1. I see you have a new avatar, Lady M. Did you crop out the part of the picture which shows Lord M creeping up behind you?

  2. Just showing how Lord M forces me up to Haddock's to pick beans, whilst he's off somewhere doing something flighty.

  3. Ah, strawberries. WT tells stories of picking a hole acre of them in Kansas when he was a boy.

  4. Gosh. Makes our little patch at Haddock's look rather tiny.