Sunday, 18 April 2010

The perfect woman?

Lord Magnon sees me as the woman on the poster. He likes the idea of my permanently wearing jodhpurs, whilst dead-heading flowers, weeding his vegetables, or taking a pair of black labradors for a walk.

I think he would like me to change my name to 'Bunty', to bake rhubarb crumbles every day, and to own a large olive plantation in Provence.

Well I'm sorry Lord M, you'll have to take me as I am; in all my glory! You lucky man.
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  1. Of course I'm a 'lucky man'. But It's true; I do like the name BUNTY.

  2. That was the name of his favourite comic when he was at school, Lady M.

  3. How wrong you are! My bestest bestest bestest favourite was 'My little Pony Weekly'.

  4. I had an 'Our Little Secret' doll, which was an old Action Man adapted with a tiny, dirty raincoat.

    Happy Days.