Friday, 16 April 2010


Yesterday (April 15th) my neighbours sowed their sunflower crops.

Last year they grew just beyond our pool (above); this year they are down in the slight valley in front of the house, some 200 yards away.

There has always been some confusion about whether sunflowers follow the sun. Let me put this to rest. Before the flower is fully open (i.e. when still green) they DO follow the sun; every morning you will find them facing due East, and every evening due West. Once the flowers are fully open, however, they DON'T, but permanently face due East.

In the picture, the flower head is facing away from our house, looking towards the church. i.e. Facing due east.

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  1. I have heard that sunflowers grow with a little round pellet in the tubular stem, which rolls freely about on a dish-shaped segment which is sensitive to it's position. When the pellet rolls to one side, the plant grows vigorously on the other, keeping it upright. A speeded-up film of a growing sunflower shows it going up in circular, wavy movements.