Saturday, 3 April 2010

Prayssac Market: Good Friday.

We went to market this morning; a lovely crisp sunny day. I loved seeing this elderly market stall holder with her basket of eggs amongst the tomato plants. So typical of France.

Cro has been longing for asparagus so I bought a big bunch of tender green stems. I also bought mussels for lunch, but they were a little disappointing. They were Spanish mussels; I should have known better.

We also went to a huge local junk/antique/salvage yard. Cro's looking for a rusting 'antique' gate. We found a beauty, but they don't hold back on prices! Lots of rusty gates and a lovely rusty statue of Methuselah (which looked a bit like Cro) which would look great coming out of the undergrowth by the pool, again a bit too pricey. I would really like to have some antique stone sculpture, and am on the look-out for something suitably rustic; none of your concrete Venus at the waterhole rubbish.

Happy Easter.

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  1. I can put you in touch with some antique stone sculpture, Lady M. but if you thought the rusty gates were pricey... Quite a lot of the French statuary ends up in British auction houses, and gone are the days when it was relatively cheap. A plain, early 19th C., 2/3rds life-size lady after the antique would not leave you much change out of £20,000 - on a good day.

  2. Lord M's been wanting to send me out to work again. I'll have to start saving.