Friday, 23 April 2010


I sometimes wonder what nature had in mind when she invented WASPS.

With the hot weather, they are just beginning to re-appear. Usually they make their small nests under the old 'Roman' tiles on the roof, but last year one gang decided to nest amongst the stones on the front of the house, and caused quite a nuisance of themselves.

Lord Magnon did his best with insect sprays, stuffing putty and paper into the holes, and 'rabbit deterrent' (that's another story), but we couldn't eradicate them. I'm keeping a careful eye out for them this year; at the first sign of any going in where they were last year, it'll be 'handbags at dawn'.
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  1. Oh, they are nasty little buggers! They seemed especially bad last summer. Everyone was complaining about how bad the bees were.I had to do some quick educating that it was not a bee but a wasp! Don't want to give those bees a bad name!

  2. We here in Southern England have had a huge increase in Hornets over the last 3 years. Much more dangerous than wasps, but much less aggressive. Leave them be, and they will usually leave you be (bee?) - unless you are eating jam on the lawn. They do predate aphids though, which is good news for Haddocks. There is a type of hornet (an intruder to England and France) which hunts honey bees - they are not so welcome.

  3. I mean that the wasps will predate aphids and eat your jam, BTW - sorry.

  4. The hornets over here look very menacing; and of course have a real kick in their sting. But they have ONE good attribute; They eat wasps!