Friday, 9 April 2010

One man went to mow....

Lord Magnon's been mowing. I think it's just the third time this year. We have three different areas; the lawn around the house (above) which Cro tells me takes 20 mins, the grass around Haddock's which takes 10 mins, and Haddock's Paddock which takes another 20 mins. A staggering 50 mins in all.

For this I have to supply copious amounts of tea (or cold drinks), mop his leaking brow, and continuously praise his gargantuan efforts.

I must say, it does always look very good when he's done. Thank goodness the mower started properly this year, but that's another expletive-filled story.

In case you were wondering, the white flowered climber against the distant 'tower', is a Clematis armandii. An evergreen Clematis with masses of fragrant white flowers in spring.

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  1. That is the clematis I'v been looking for! thank-you!