Saturday, 10 April 2010


Tom Stephenson is holding a Champagne-related competition. As it happens, on the very day that he posted the rules and reg's, I happened to be de-frosting our Champagne/beer/tonic fridge. This is only the half of our actual stock (just enough to have ready cooled in case of visitors). In Lord Magnon's studio there are another six bottles. Not a record, but enough, surely, to convince you that we are addicted to the nectar of Epernay; and therefore claim our prize.
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  1. Another good move that has helped you maintain your convincing lead in the quest for my coveted glass flute, and also Cro's by default, I suppose - not that he deserves it yet, as I see he is making you do all the work as usual.

  2. When I visit, would you mind chilling the other six bottles? Thanks very much.