Saturday, 17 April 2010


Lord M's dress sense may not be quite as bad as the guys above, but it's pretty awful. At home he wears what he calls his 'Ratting Clothes'. These are filled with holes, are constantly used as towels or rags, and have usually been stolen from one or other of our sons (who probably threw them out anyway).

Ever since I've known Lord Magnon, he's also worn a dirty, paint-covered, moth-eaten, black or grey beret (even before we came to live in France!). I think he'd wear it in bed if it would stay on.

I despair at his studio; I despair even more at his clothes. He'll never change (thank goodness).

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  1. I thought he looked quite dapper in VdP this morning and no sign of any beret...

  2. Yes we were in V du P today, but Lord M was pretending to be a 'gentleman'. i.e. No beret or holes in trousers. A miracle!

  3. thanks for the laugh and I'm laughing because I can relate! Gotta love them!

  4. Now look here! I'm getting more than my fair share of stick. People who'd like a better class of blog might like...

    No clothes criticism; I promise!